Our Services

Auditing Services

  • We can offer you all the guidance you need related to auditing services. We are able to provide solidly with any of the following:

    ● Financial Statement Audit
    ● Regulatory Compliance
    ● Internal Control Audit
    ● Fiscal Audit
    ● External Audit
    Our team includes CPAs who will guide you down the right path.
    We provide our clients with options that aim to reduce internal and external risks with anything regarding the liquidity of assets.

FIscal Services

  • We offer the following services in the fiscal sector, all engaging towards the strict code of tax laws each state or nation goes by:
    ● International Tax
    ● Indirect Taxes
    ● Tax Controversy
    ● Employee Compensation
    ● Corporate Tax
    ● Transfer Pricing
    ● Real Estate Taxes
    ● Tax Exemptions

Risk Assessment

  • Our team of risk-mitigating experts will assist you in analyzing and studying your business plan with perspective and objectivity.
    Comprehensively detailing all possible risks attached to your investment plan, we help build a strategic plan to optimize the potential objectives while maintaining the risk factor in the area you are comfortable with.
    Small, medium and large companies have all been the recipients of our passionate work and have reaped the results remarkably.

Investment Management

  • With our assistance, you will have access to our investment principles:
    ● focus on capital preservation
    ● value-based approach
    ● bottom-up fundamental research
    ● long-term perspective
    ● discipline and patience
    We have focused our work on a long-term perspective to get our clients confidence. Together we can build better scenarios so you can have a whole panorama of how your business investments are working.

Retirement Consulting

  • Some of the many services that our team can develop for your retirement plan:
    ● Plan design consulting
    ● Actuarial services
    ● Legal consulting
    ● Administration and communication
    checking your full financial scene we can create real steps to get that individual retirement. We know you also need to feed your concerns and your short-term goals before retirement so we can assure you our strategies will cover all these concerns and doubts.

Closing Services

  • Our services include reviewal of contracts, execution of contracts, ROI management and various other concepts.
    We guide our clients in direct and indirect transactions, depending on their need.
    We help them learn and understand the real market and the initiatives that they can undertake to achieve the results they are looking for.
    Full assistance with both selling and buying processes.